David Ayer Confirms Suicide Squad Once Had Much Closer Connections to the Cosmic Side of the DC Universe

Illustration for article titled David Ayer Confirms iSuicide Squad /iOnce Had Much Closer Connections to the Cosmic Side of the DC Universe

Justice League wouldn’t have been the first movie to feature parademons.

That’s according to David Ayer himself, whose recent tweets confirm something that’s been rumored for a while, based on extant concept art and some solid guesswork: that an early version of Suicide Squad had explicit ties to Apokolips and Darkseid, with Steppenwolf as the big baddie.


This sounds, honestly, like a really strong narrative idea, tying it into the rest of the DC Extended Universe, setting up a Justice League Darkseid movie, and generally just being a lot radder than what we got. It’s not clear why the direction of the film was changed—to make it more standalone, perhaps—but it’s a meaningful loss. I’m not suggesting we start lobbying Warner Bros. for lost content—no one is ever suggesting that, ever, please stop doing that—but I do want to see that non-existent movie. Sounds fun.

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The movie was overstuffed as it was, now you guys are saying that there was supposed to be more stuff that was supposed to be introduced in it? Sure, introduce Steppenwolfe and parademons, I’m sure they will get the same gentle introduction as Katana did.

The problem with the movie wasn’t that it wasn’t connected to the wider, cosmic DCEU. The problem with the movie was that it was terribly written and directed. Including links to Darkseid isn’t going to change that. (And I’m one of the few that enjoyed watching the film, but I still know that it’s a bad film.)

All those fans clamoring for the “Snyder cut” or the “Ayer cut” are fooling themselves into thinking that there is a better film out there when there really isn’t.