Dating, Dinner, and . . . Dictators

Even though Jaime almost loses a tail because she's yakking with Tom during working hours, the Berkut Group assigns her and Antonio to protect President Rudan of the (faux) African nation of Imara from an assassination threat.

Rudan's a ruthless dictator who's killed thousands of his own people, but if he is killed during his U.S. visit, the power vacuum left in his wake will be filled by anti-American jihadists. "So, we protect the bad guy," says naïve Miss Jaime. Meanwhile, Antonio seems to have an itchy trigger finger, not to mention a pipeline to secret information. Is he working with or against the assassin? In a lovely if melodramatic moment, Antonio quotes Orwell, who Jaime confuses with Churchill. Maybe she should have stayed undercover at college just a little bit longer.


Anyway, it's another week without Sarah Corvus, a loss we apparently must get used to as Katee Sackhoff 's Battlestar Galactica commitment won't allow her a permanent spot on the Bionic Woman. In her place, we get a load of Tom and Becca trying to domesticate career girl Jaime, who runs out on their "family" dinner. "She does that sometimes," says Becca. "I know," commiserates Tom (who of course later has her followed by two fellow CIA agents ... Jaime really knows how to pick 'em).

In short, the Bionic Woman still can't decide if it's a sci-fi action show or a soap opera, a split best demonstrated this episode by Antonio, who after his literary moment early on, has a death scene that amounts to him ripping off his oxygen mask, telling Jaime yes, yes, the assassin was my girlfriend! and croaking.


And by the way, as anyone from my wizened generation will tell you, it's pronounced "Mis-ter-eee Date" not "Mistree Date." Sheesh.

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