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Today’s “Deal of the Day” at Publishers Marketplace involves Daryl Gregory, whom we called “a writer to watch” a year ago. He just sold a novel about psychics called Spoonbenders to Knopf in an auction, which means that publishers were fighting over it.

According to Publishers Marketplace, Spoonbenders is the story of the Amazing Telemachus family, who are all psychics. After “losing their matriarch and falling from grace on national television,” they have to find their way again, and figure out how to “use their powers to find the spectacular in everyday life.” And they’re being chased by the CIA, the mafia, and a “skeptic hell-bent on discrediting them.” Sounds like a fun ride!


Top image: Filipe Ramos/Flickr

Charlie Jane Anders used to edit io9. She's the author of The City in the Middle of the Night, the story of a girl who gets banished into eternal darkness and makes friends with the creatures there.

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