Darwin's Evolutionary Doubt Fills An Hour Of PBS

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What happened in the year to Charles Darwin before the publication of "On the Origin of Species"? According to PBS, all manner of bad things, and it's something they've enlisted Lost's Desmond to help tell you all about it.

Darwin's Darkest Hour is the name of a new television movie created by National Geographic for PBS, starring Lost's Henry Ian Cusick as the famous evolutionary scientist, depicting what PBS are calling the "professional and personal traumas" he endured in the year before the publication of his famous book. According to National Geographic president Michael Rosenfeld, the movie exists to make Darwin more understandable to laypeople... both personally and professionally or, as he puts it:

[Making Darwin's] vulnerabilities while also making his great insights understandable.


The movie will premiere on PBS on October 6th.

PBS airs 'Darwin's' story [Variety]

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Wow. This post has been up a whole FIVE hrs and there has yet to be a scientifically illiterate Christian spammer/troll spouting Bible verses or some tripe about theories just being "wacky, made-up ideas". They are really slacking today.

Turn off your damn 700 Club and let it rip with some ALL CAPS rants already!