Darth Vader continues to be the best father ever in Jeffrey Brown's Vader's Little Princess

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If you're one of the countless people who picked up Jeffrey Brown's adorable children's book of Darth Vader bonding with 4-year-old Luke Skywalker, titled Vader and Son, all you need to know is that Brown's coming out with a sequel next April, the sequel is Vader's Little Princess, and the cover is above. Since there's not a human being alive - man, woman or child - who read Vader and Son and didn't completely love it, this information is all they'll need to be impossibly excited. But if you're one of those sad, empty few who haven't picked up Vader and Son, for yourself, a child, a Star Wars fan, a carbon-based lifeform, or anyone who likes things that are Good - do yourself a favor and pick it up, because not only it is adorable and funny, but it's also one of the best Star Wars books ever. In fact, buy two, because you're going to want to give a copy to somebody over the holidays, no question. And then you might as well go to Comics Alliance and print their Vader and Son gift tags.


There. We just reduced your holiday shopping by at least one gift. You're welcome.

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If these books are going to bend the story enough that Vader is hanging out with his kids when they are preschoolers, shouldn't there also be some books were Padme's not dead and doing things with her kids?