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Darth Vader And The Force Are No Match For Hank Azaria

Uh oh, you got classic science fiction in my cheap historical-reference movie. The Night At The Museum 2's mighty Pharoah (Hank Azaria) chastises a space-opera idol, and makes fun of his cape.

The Night At The Museum 2's latest TV spot features Azaria as a brought-to-life wax Pharaoh, who tells Darth Vader the Force doesn't work. Let the nerd rage wash over this feel-good family friendly movie that pretends to teach people history.


I'm still waiting for the Force-baiting clip to pop up, but until then enjoy this moment of cape shame.

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Like no one noticed the come-to-life wax dummy that sounds like Moe Syzlak or anything cause that happens all the time.

I remember the last time I visited Madame Tussauds and the Halle Berry wax dummy came alive and she took me into the back and we had such hot wild sex that she melted. Or it could be when I saw Catwoman on TV while sick and doped up on cough syrup. Not sure.