Darth Maul declares himself Master of the Sith on Clone Wars, but what is Palpatine plotting?

When last we saw Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress, they were holding their own against Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress. But now that Maul has declared himself Sith Master with his brother as his apprentice, they aren't quite as strong in their latest rematch with Kenobi. Meanwhile, what machinations are going on behind Palpatine's wicked smile? Spoilers.


At first glance, "Revival" seems an odd episode with which to launch the fifth season of Clone Wars. Although there are some wonderfully choreographed duels between Kenobi and the Sith brothers, it seems to do little to advance a larger plot. But the key here seems to be Darth "Raptor Legs" Maul's invocation of the Rule of Two, stating that, with the Sith, there is always one Sith Master and one Apprentice. Naturally, Maul thinks he's the Master and Savage is the Apprentice, and he has the physical prowess to back up that claim, at least when it comes to his brother.

Maul may feel at ease when calling his brother "My Apprentice," but the pair look like they're play-acting when they come across a crew of Hondo Ohnaka's pirates (nice to see Hondo; he brings some much-needed life to the episode) and declare themselves "crime lords." Still, they manage to tempt the pirates away from Hondo with the promise of riches, and when Obi-Wan and fellow Jedi Adi Gallia confront the brothers, poor Adi gets apparently redshirted at the end of Savage's horns. Ouch.

The point of this encounter is to show just how powerful the brothers have become. Obi-Wan is shaken by Adi's death, and Hondo is horrified that they so easily killed a Jedi Knight. But when Obi-Wan duels the brothers solo, they aren't quite so lucky; after he's briefly backed into a corner, Obi-Wan handily defeats them both, cutting off Savage's arm and forcing a retreat. Those Sith, always losing their limbs.

The most interesting scene, however, was the final one, in which Chancellor Palpatine meets with the Jedi Council and informs Obi-Wan that he no longer considers Maul and Savage a Republic concern. Obi-Wan worries aloud that they'll create an army of pirates, to which Palpatine says, "Let them." Hmm, is Palpatine hoping that Maul will build an army that he can ultimately control as Maul's master? Or will Palpatine, as the true Sith Master, start cleaning house before Maul and Savage have a chance to begin?



Haven't seen the episode yet, but having read the above I can't really tell if you liked the episode or not. Did you find it good (enough)?