Darryl Hannah's alien insect queen is the funniest supervillain we've seen in ages

You might have thought ABC's V remake gave us the most cheese-tastic take on the "evil alien queen" trope — but you haven't seen Daryl Hannah in The Last Days of Planet Earth. Her performance is one of our favorite things ever.


If you missed it, Last Days is a 2006 miniseries that aired on the Hallmark Channel, even though it was made by the production company behind many of Syfy's miniseries and TV movies. Hannah plays Liz Quinlan, a former astronaut who is secretly the queen of the alien insect people, who's planning to lay a ton of eggs and use humans as a food source, and as "jackets" to grow her eggs in.

The whole thing is best summed up by one scene where a character tells an old lady who's witnessed some crazy shit, "Just try and forget what you've seen here." He might as well be speaking to the audience.


But Hannah is fantastic. She really milks lines like, "Does this titillate you?" Or, "The word 'hope' does not fill me with much hope. In fact, it does the opposite." Or her absolutely fantastic speech that goes:

What would we do without this nourishment which we have come so far to cultivate and without which we would perish? (I think she just answered her own question.) Which is why I am finished accepting failure. Failure is defeat. Now, in other words, failure is human.

She really takes the "sinister ubervillain who is surrounded by incompetence" trope to the next level, and then some. What you can't really see in these clips is that it sort of sneaks up on you — at first, Hannah's character seems kind of sweet and friendly, and she's a potential love interest to our hero, while being brow-beaten by Police Commissioner Korshaft. But then it turns out she's actually the leader of the aliens, and Korshaft is one of her minions.

Oh, and the way they're collecting enough humans to put all of their alien eggs into is, they're using the DMV as a collection center, and basically kidnapping all the people who come in to renew their licenses. (Seems plausible enough.) And the aliens' evil scheme for increasing their yield is... a parking ticket amnesty! I love that she executes the Police Commissioner when he doesn't seem excited enough about forgiving people's unpaid parking tickets. Rock on, Daryl Hannah.


I got Last Days of Planet Earth on DVD for $1, as one half of a double-sided disc with another made-for-TV classic. This was clearly a dollar well spent. [IMDB]


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Thank Goodness the authorites have taken care of THAT Alien villain. Finally they're of some use!

(Seriously, though - Go Darryll! Fight the Man!)