Darq Knight, The Yaley Rock Opera Where Xenu Meets Morgan Freeman

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Wanna see everyone's favorite bat-butler Alfred self-flagellate himself to the tunes of U2 while Batman deals with Katie Holmes' alien hubby? Now you can. Darq Knight is a power ballad musical which pulls from all the best parts of Dark Knight with a dash of what could have been. Batman is played by a black "Robert Downey Junior" while Bruce Wayne is a tall thin white kid, Katie Holmes and Maggie G play themselves and it's all narrated by Morgan Freeman.Darq Knight: The Musical was written by Yale students Marshall Pailet and James Pollack with help from Tessa Williams, and Emma Barash. The plot follows the Dark Knight but strays to make jokes about the sexual tension felt by Alfred for Bruce and breaks for "With or Without You” anthems. Just so you understand how truly hilarious this show must have been here is a "director's note" from the playbill:

“Darq Knight: The Musical” was once upon a time the brain lovechild of a midsummer coffee date between myself and Bono, and has quickly become the most important and influential work of our time. We feel the original Dark Knight text superimposed upon the insightful work of modern musical genius that is the epic 80’s rock cannon will not only entertain the masses, but also begin a dialogue on important and profound issues such as slavery, government, medicare, and of course the existence of God. And inform. Text.


The show ran last week at a local theater and let's hope that this press will convince them turn the bat light onto the stage one more time. For more pictures check out the round up at Ivy Gate Blog. Thanks Dan.

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So this is "Superhero Movie" for stage.

Yes, please make this show popular so they can begin production of Scary Movie IV: The Musical!