Two hours of episodes brought an end to season one of Dark Matter. One was a pretty standard by now background story, the other team story ending on a season finale cliffhanger. And the cliffhanger is stupid.



So, episode 12: We meet Two’s creator, who is Wil Wheaton. I don’t care what his character’s real name is, he’s just Wil Wheaton being a dick. Which is admittedly the best flavor of Wil Wheaton as an actor, but he’s not actually interesting enough to remember the name.

With the Android’s help, Two escapes Wil Wheaton’s evil enhanced human-making company. But he escapes to visit a dying old man, who they are apparently making a super-body like Two’s for. Also, he wants the Raza crew dead, too. Because they cannot have a single episode end without a new horrible event befalling them.

And then the finale:

Yet again, the Android is shocked and out of commission. The chip that runs her has been ejected. A search of the ship reveals that there isn’t an intruder, it has to be one of them. Three says it’s One. One says it’s Three. Five says Two. Based on that conflict alone, you can bet it isn’t One, Three, or Two.


Even though the show really wants you to think it is. since Four and Six are drugged into a coma. Just when the engines go, which makes it much easier for the Galactic Authority to board the ship and take them all. Also useful? One, Two, Three, and Five are all holding guns on each other. Except for Six, who is the surprise traitor.

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how Six can be the traitor. The only explanation that works is that the massacre last week triggered memories of being used to kill a bunch of civilians by the General. But it’s not like the rest of the crew knew what would happen. Sigh. Sure, fine. Retcon an explanation about this next season. It’s such an odd move. I do give him props for drugging himself to throw off suspicion. Very smart.


The only good part of that twist is going to be Five’s anger when she finds out. Trust that her recrimination will play a large part in his eventual saving of the crew. Or that the Galactic Authority will threaten her and make Six change his mind — remember, he promised her that she’d be okay.

The finale was like a mirror-image of the premiere — the premiere was predictable, but fun. This was unpredictable and frustrating. All in all, I’d rather know the story beats but have them perfectly executed than have to spin out complicated explanations for what the show should explain.


In developments much more interesting than Six being the traitor, we also find out that it was probably Five that wiped everyone’s memories. Since she created a program right before they all went into stasis. Six is pretty sure she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and we’re still in the dark as to why.

It may have something to do with a recording Five found of Two and Three discussing killing “him” once they got out of stasis. One, since he turned out not to be who he said he is? Four because ... reasons? Or Six because he was going to betray them then, too? I am far more interested in both of these developments than the actual cliffhanger, which seems entirely based on picking the least obvious candidate to make the traitor.

Plus, the Android is becoming too attached to her crew. Which is actually totally fine, and she’s awesome and proved it in episode 12. She and Two should do all the action scenes forever.


With that, we are done with season one of Dark Matter. We had our ups and downs, but we were mostly entertained. And, save for One, the characters were more and more engaging as the season went on. Any time a show improves, I am more than willing to see another season. Here’s to hoping we do.

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