Dark Knight's Nolan To Reboot Superman?

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Superman is preparing for a cinematic rebirth, and the man behind The Dark Knight is playing midwife. At least, that's the interesting new theory being reported by Nikki Finke, who's saying that Chris Nolan will reboot the Man of Steel.


According to Finke, Warner Bros. has asked Nolan to "play godfather" on a reboot of the Superman movie franchise that will not include Bryan Singer or Brandon Routh, but rather start afresh, a la Nolan's own Batman Begins. The project is said to be in "early development," with Finke claiming that Nolan is currently busy working on the third Batman movie with brother Jonah and David Goyer.

DC is expected to announce new plans for movie and media development following the official formation of DC Entertainment within the next few weeks.


It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Chris Nolan! He'll Mentor Superman 3.0 And Prep 3rd Batman [Deadline Hollywood]

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