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Dark Knight's Goyer To Run FlashForward Solo

Illustration for article titled Dark Knights Goyer To Run FlashForward Solo

ABC's FlashForward recent full season order from the network came with an interesting addendum, it seems. Producer and co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim is leaving the show, and co-creator David Goyer will be stepping up to take things over.


The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Guggenheim's involvement was always intended to be temporary, and that he was assigned to the new series "[b]ecause of Goyer's limited hands-on TV series experience," something that has now apparently changed with the first half of the first season under his belt. The co-creator of the series (with Star Trek alum Brannon Braga, whom he worked with on the dear departed alien invasion series Threshold), Goyer will now act as showrunner as well as executive producer for the season's remaining "back nine" episodes. What this means for his commitments to movie projects like SuperMax or the much-rumored Dark Knight sequel remain to be seen.

Marc Guggenheim leaving 'FlashForward' [Hollywood Reporter]

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this show has so much potential but it just cant execute it. its pretty terrible that i have seen the same flash forward 70 times in 5 episodes and that the acting is so over the top it cant be ignored. #flashforward