Dark Knight writer to flesh out Leonardo da Vinci's secret coed years

Starz and the BBC have ordered up eight episodes of David Goyer's new TV project Da Vinci's Demons, which focuses on the secret (and totally made up) past of the 25-year-old legend, during his wild days in Florence.

Goyer told Playlist, "This will be a show about secret histories, genius, madness, and all things profane." And he's going to be seeing the future as well as bringing the future to life, whatever that means.


So it's like "cool guy" Da Vinci — not bearded nerd Da Vinci, like in Ever After. We can only guess what horrible mistruths this show will dig out of the vandalized coffins of the philosopher's past. Maybe Da Vinci is actually Jesus' cousin's kid, like in the one Dan Brown book. Fingers crossed!

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