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Dark Knight Trailer Reveals New Bat-Villain

Here's a cameraphone copy of the Batman: The Dark Knight trailer which showed in New York yesterday and then popped up on YouTube. I joined the Clown Gang in New York for a rendezvous, which led to a trailer screening. Blink and you'll miss the first appearance of a major new Bat-villain. Minor spoilers ahead.

Illustration for article titled Dark Knight Trailer Reveals New Bat-Villain

New York City Clown Gang George, Christopher and Keelin wait in line for the trailer.

Following the clues from the disfigured presidents on their eerie why so serious site, I joined the rest of the Clown Gang in New York City's Bryant Park. We were lead to a theater where they screened the new trailer that premiered at NYCC. As we first reported the Joker continues on his, "Kill the batman," discourse and gathering of criminals for chaos. It all was the same except for one major moment that I can not believe I missed in the first screening, I must have blinked, it's that fast. White night Harvey Dent has a voice over where he says,"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Then Dent is seen on the floor screaming no as we described before but then in an instant, a mere instant, and I hope my eyes weren't playing tricks on me you see a silhouetted man with hair like Dent. This person is scratching the side of their face with a gun. The very tip of his nose and along the side of his profile appears to be flaky and black, like the edge of a burn mark. Here's a blurry screengrab:

Illustration for article titled Dark Knight Trailer Reveals New Bat-Villain

It happened so fast I had to grab three fans afterwards to confirm that I wasn't hallucinating. They all concurred it was the first screen shots of Two Face. Take a look (if you can make it out) and let me know what you think.

Illustration for article titled Dark Knight Trailer Reveals New Bat-Villain

More fans in line for the trailer screening.

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Chris Braak

@Balius: Also, I think that the first round of henchmen might not be so hard.

I wonder how he finds the, like, eighteenth group of henchmen, and has to explain the situation to them.

"Look, I'm not going to lie. Batman's going to show up, and he's going to beat the crap out of you guys. But there's a really, really good chance—kind of a slim chance, actually, but it definitely exists—that while Batman is grinding your face into the pavement and breaking your elbows and shit, I totally might be able to get away with robbing the jewelry store.

So. Are you in?"