Dark Knight/Prestige trailer mashup explains Nolan's three-movie magic trick

Mashup trailers can be a lot of fun — especially when they involve making ponies say things ponies wouldn't normally say. But there's a special layer of depth to this trailer, which places Michael Caine's narration from The Prestige over footage from Christopher Nolan's Batman movies to comment on the three acts of the Dark Knight.


YouTuber Dominaz3000 created this trailer cut. It's fitting to use one Christopher Nolan film — especially one that comments upon itself as much as The Prestige does — to analyze another. It's a neat way of tying together the three Batman movies. Hopefully, Nolan really will wow us with his Dark Knight Rises prestige.

[via CinemaBlend]


Cat VonAwesome

This was pretty darn cool. Cannot wait for this film.

Also, I LOVED The Prestige. Batman, Wolverine and Jareth the Goblin King! Amazing film that straddled the sci-fi line in a way that kept you guessing until the end.