Dark Knight Pirater Sentenced

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Now we know the true cost of Batman's justice: A Missouri man has been sentenced to two years in prison for illegally recording The Dark Knight in a movie theater and going on to sell it as bootleg DVDs.


In addition to the 24 month sentence, Robert Henderson - who pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement - will also have to pay $24,738 in fines and face three years probation upon release, according to the sentencing handed down by Kansas City Judge Fernando J. Gaitan. Senior VP of Content Protection and Chief of Operations for the MPAA, Mike Robinson, feels the sentencing is appropriate to the crime:

The theft of films by camcording is a serious threat to the health of the motion picture industry and the 2.4 million Americans it employs... we hope [the sentence] will serve as a warning to would-be movie thieves that they will face severe consequences for engaging in these activities.


Earlier sentences under consideration included having half of his face blown up in a Joker-inspired explosion and being tackled off the top of a building by a man dressed as Batman. In that context, suddenly it doesn't seem that bad.

'Dark Knight' Pirater Gets 2 Years in Federal Prison [The Wrap]

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This is an amazing example of how out of touch the legal system, the media industry and maybe...anyone over 40 is with the video underground.

No one. NO ONE watches cam movies. We've all done this: you spend all night downloading the latest film over crappy DSL only to find it's a cam video - then delete it immediately.

Did this guy break the law? Yes. Should he be punished? Yes. Are his actions an actual threat to the film industry? No more than some guy TELLING someone else the end of the movie...or drawing pictures...or gesticulating elaborately...

Hearing Mike Robinson say "a serious threat to the health of the motion picture industry" is like hearing your Mom tell you to stay away from "the pot". Yes her warning is technically valid but you can tell she has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.