Dark Knight Fans Go Underground

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Here's hoping that you're getting ready to see people dressed up like Batman in the near future, as the viral marketing campaign for next month's The Dark Knight is about to heat up by going Underground in a big way. And by Underground, we mean Nycticeius Underground. Minor spoilers and internet rabbit holes under the jump.


Set up in April, Gotham City's Citizens for Batman joined Harvey Dent's electorial campaign and The Joker as yet another piece in the sprawling online promotional push for the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins:

CFB was founded as a network of concerned Gothamites who keep a watchful eye out for thugs, robbers and worse. These should be the targets of public scorn, not us. We are a peaceful organization that operates within the confines of the law and we always have. Don't believe the hype; CFB is here to help Batman without hurting anyone, we're here to clean up this town and we're here to stay!


Since the site's launch, their forums - which are, in reality, read-only parodies of the message boards that have sprung up to keep track of the viral marketing surrounding the movie, seeded with clues - have been supporting Prop D, a proposed law to get the Gotham police force to stop hunting down Batman and start focusing on "real criminals." Well, on Friday, Prop D was defeated. And Batman's fans don't appear to want to take the result lying down:

Maybe we should protect Batman by confusing them. If someone else was to dress up like Batman, do you think the cops would know the difference? Make them spread their forces?

That suggestion was immediately met with the following warning:

Need I remind you that this forum does NOT condone any discussion of home-grown vigilantism.


Which would seem to be the end of the conversation... if not for a package received by /Film, which led to a password protected forum called "Nycticeius Underground," wherein refugees from Citizens for Batman say things like this:

So we're actually going to hit the streets?

That's the plan.

About time.

It's already been spoiled online that we will see fake Batmen as part of The Dark Knight itself, but with the movie's release only a month away, it's not unlikely that we're going to see some of these faux Caped Crusaders turning up in the real world to let you know what to expect when the movie opens on July 18th.


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Viral marketing really scares me.