The Bat-rumors are buzzing over at super Dark Knight dedicated site Batman On Film. According to the site's sources, we may be seeing Bat-sets all over Chicago as soon as this spring, for a third outing. Now, we've all heard that there is no script, no full cast and no guarantee that Christopher Nolan will even be returning to the Bat-chise. But now that Dark Knight practically paid for the future of their children's children's children, Nolan and the gang would be fools not to, let's hope the rumors are true and we get Dark Knight 2 within 2 years.According to BOF, Chicago may begin pre-production work as early as February 2009 with the intent to shoot this spring.

What I'm hearing from crew members out of Chicago] is that Batman 3 goes into pre-production in February to shoot next summer. I didn't include the February 2009 bit previously, but with two totally unrelated and trustworthy individuals making specific mention of that date, I thought it was worth passing it on to you all.


This is on the heels of an earlier report from the site that filming would begin in spring, so they now have two sources confirming the rumor. I'm still inclined to think that this is not a possibility unless WB is just going around securing the lots and what-not "just in case." [Batman On Film]