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Warner Bros.’ attempt to make an Akira movie has been damn near never-ending. The latest attempt to get the movie off the ground is to hire Daredevil writer-producer Marco Ramirez to write the adaptation.


This is a good sign, but remember that several directors have come on board and left, and problems with the budget, script, and casting have all stalled the project for years. Maybe a new script is exactly what Warner Bros. needs to finally get this off the ground. Conversely, it could just be the latest step in their never-ending dance with this property.

It’s hard to know where to fall on this project. The project’s been plagued with issues related to Westernizing an already-great product and casting non-Asians in the main roles — Ezra Miller, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, and Helena Bonham Carter were all possibilities. Maybe it’s best to let this go. But maybe, just maybe, enough time has passed for a good script, an appropriate director, and the right cast to come along.

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