Daredevil's Showrunner Will Write the Latest Version of the Akira Movie

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Warner Bros.’ attempt to make an Akira movie has been damn near never-ending. The latest attempt to get the movie off the ground is to hire Daredevil writer-producer Marco Ramirez to write the adaptation.

This is a good sign, but remember that several directors have come on board and left, and problems with the budget, script, and casting have all stalled the project for years. Maybe a new script is exactly what Warner Bros. needs to finally get this off the ground. Conversely, it could just be the latest step in their never-ending dance with this property.

It’s hard to know where to fall on this project. The project’s been plagued with issues related to Westernizing an already-great product and casting non-Asians in the main roles — Ezra Miller, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, and Helena Bonham Carter were all possibilities. Maybe it’s best to let this go. But maybe, just maybe, enough time has passed for a good script, an appropriate director, and the right cast to come along.


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Brian Burns

I really just don’t understand why they’re even trying with this particular property. The story is intrinsically wrapped up in Japanese culture, specifically Japanese culture in the 1980s. To make the story palatable to American audiences who are not already anime/manga fans, you’d have to make so many changes that you might as well just write an entirely new story. I mean the skeleton of the story—shadowy government agency uses experiments to create human weapon which gets out of control and has to be put down—has been done many times before and after Akira. So if they want to make a sci-fi action film about a young teen whose superpowers get out of control, just make that movie and call it something else, like Chronical.