Danny Boyle Is No Longer Directing Bond 25

Hope you’re looking for a new director on that phone, James.
Hope you’re looking for a new director on that phone, James.
Photo: MGM

If you were thinking things were a little too quiet on the James Bond front the last few months, now we know why.

The official James Bond Twitter account just posted that Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will no longer direct the 25th Bond film, which is expected to be Daniel Craig’s last time portraying the iconic character.


Boyle, who directed Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and won the Best Director Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, had been circling the project since February. Then, in May, he officially got the job. Rumor had it casting was ongoing for the film, which was aiming at a December 2018 production start date. But, with Boyle now out, that seems like an ambitious date to hit, as any new director who steps in would certainly want to put their stamp on the project.

Ultimately, the question becomes: Will this impact the long-in-place November 2019 release date of the film? One would assume that’s the case but nothing has been announced yet. However, it’s now officially okay to start mourning the fact we aren’t going to get a James Bond film through Boyle’s unique vision.

Any thoughts on who you’d like to see pick up the job?


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Daniel Gary

Off-Topic but since when do videos autoplay on IO9?  The Carnegie Hall video- which was interesting when I read the article a few weeks back - started playing when I scrolled down the page.  Can we make that not happen please?