Daniel Radcliffe wants to scare your pants off

Daniel Radcliffe could have done pretty much anything, coming off the mega-successful Harry Potter series — so why did he choose to do another supernatural movie project? We asked him, in our exclusive interview about his new horror movie The Woman In Black. The Boy Who Lived also told us which famous superhero he's always dreamed of playing.


Check out our one-on-one interview with Radcllife, in which we get down and dirty about horror movies, ghosts, and the secrets of keeping fantasy fresh and original.

What horror films do you watch?

Some of the films that I like are just sort of weirdly upsetting, not really horror films. There's a French movie called 13 Tzameti — I don't know if you've seen it but it's brilliant. It's not really horror, but it's about a huge game of Russian roulette. So I like stuff that gets you in your gut. In terms of horror movies, The Others was what I watched growing up. I could never really do any of the Scream movies, because I was always bad with gore. I couldn't watch anything that was bloody.

I would never have expected that the first thing I would do after the Potter movies would be a horror movie. It's not the genre that I spent most of my time watching growing up, as a lot of people my age did. Yeah, but I certainly enjoyed the process of knowing when you're filming a scene that "that's going to scare the pants off people."

Why did you do a supernatural film so soon after Potter?

There are ghosts in both, and that's kind of where the similarities end. And the ghost we have in this film are as [different from each other] as the elves are in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. We have Dobby, they have Orlando Bloom. We had John Cleese in the first Potter, and Kelly Macdonald in the last. And now we have Liz White who is all together the scariest ghost I've had to work with. The fact that there was a supernatural element to it really didn't worry me...Tt would have been so stupid to go, "I can't do something with supernatural [elements], so close to having done Harry," because it's such a great story. It's actually much more grounded in the real world than Harry Potter is.

Now that you're a science fiction icon, would you ever play the Doctor in Doctor Who? What about a superhero?

You know what, I actually am not a massive Doctor Who fan. I just haven't watched it. It was never a part of my childhood, so I never really got into it. And also they've got loads of actors who are doing a fine job and they don't need me... In terms of superheroes, yeah I would love to. Growing up my dream was always to have played Spider-Man. Happy to have seen that go to another excellent English actor Andrew Garfield. If there was a lycra costume in my future, I would not be unhappy.


The Woman In Black hits theaters this weekend.


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