Daniel Radcliffe Is Dead and Farting in the Insane First Trailer for Swiss Army Man

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Yes, in his new movie Swiss Army Man, the Harry Potter star plays a gassy corpse that washes up on the beach and becomes the companion of a stranded man played by Paul Dano, and thus begins one of the most insane movies in recent memory.

Swiss Army Man debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was incredibly polarizing. Many people walked out quite early into the movie, but those that didn’t apparently found a movie that’s surprisingly poignant in its absolute madness. You get a good sense of that in this trailer, where Dano just contorts and bends Radcliffe’s rotting body to his will.

Swiss Army Man, directed by Daniels (a director team that includes Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) opens in theaters June 17.


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