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Daniel Radcliffe Gets Naked In A Dirty, Sexy New Clip From Horns

Illustration for article titled Daniel Radcliffe Gets Naked In A Dirty, Sexy New Clip From emHorns/em

We know that some of Daniel Radcliffe's demonic powers in the upcoming film Horns will end in violence, but the latest clip from the film is all about the sexy times, with Radcliffe's character Ig recalling happier times with his girlfriend.

The clip is NSFW for sexual nudity:


You can also check out more images from the film over at The Playlist. Horns opens on Halloween.

Watch: NSFW Clip From 'Horns' Starring Daniel Radcliffe Gets Naughty Plus New Pics [The Playlist via GeekTyrant]


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I saw this Sunday on after my sister excitedly informed me it was already available to watch there, and thought it was quite good for a book adaptation, Radcliffe did a great job as Ig. I kind of wish it had been 20 minutes longer to devote more time to fleshing out Lee a little better and for the final confrontations, and I didn't quite like a couple of the changes, but they were fairly minor and overall it stayed pretty close to the book and was quite enjoyable. It captured the twisted humor of the book pretty well. It's not really a horror story, so not really scary, more of a dark, twisted comedy/thriller. I like Joe Hill's sense of humor which I think is better than his Dad's who I am also a fan of.