Daniel Dae Kim: Sun And Jin's Love Will Be Tested More Than Ever

Lost's Sun and Jin have been through so much. Sun thought Jin was dead, and then they were separated for years. Now, at last, are their struggles over? Not so much, judging from our exclusive interview with Daniel Dae Kim.

We spoke with Kim on the phone the other day, and we talked about Sun and Jin's romance, and what's next for them. Kim wouldn't get into any serious spoilers for the show's remaining episodes, but he wasn't above dropping a few hints. So if vague hints upset you, you should jump off now.


So it seems like the theme of the show, at last, has been unveiled as the power of love. So will Sun and Jin's love turn out to be important in how things shake out? Kim replies:

I feel like their love has been tested every season, and this season will no exception. I think that it may be tested more this season than it ever has.

So does that test of their love have some bearing on whether either Sun or Jin gets to be the winning candidate? Kim says:

I think that will have an effect, yes.


We also had to ask Kim if he was frustrated with how quickly Sun and Jin were reunited in the most recent episode — after years of separation, their reunion felt like it was just tacked on at the end of an episode about a lot of other stuff. Kim responds:

I was surprised that it wasn't given more space. At the same time it didn't take away from the impact that it had on each of our characters. Whether it happened in an hour's worth of time, or in 20 seconds, for Sun and Jin, it meant the world.


Kim also says he found it interesting to play the more controlling, uptight version of Jin in the first season and a half of the show, but he was happy to see his character grow and progress, as the dynamic changed. "It's not how you start, it's how you finish that's important," he says. The original Sun/Jin dynamic wasn't how he really wanted to see their characters interact, so he was glad to see their relationship grow and change over the course of the show.

And now, of course, we've gotten to see an even sexier side of Jin in the "flash sideways" universe, where he and Sun are lovers on the run. Says Kim:

That's the great thing about this show: just when you think you have a handle on who you are, you get another dimension — in this case literally. Sawyer gets to be a cop, where in the past he was a convict, and now Jin gets to play a lover, and that was very unexpected.


Finally, we were dying to know when Badass Jin was coming back, because it's been a while. Responds Kim:

That's a really good question. I like being Badass Jin. There's something about the physicality that really activates me as an actor, and brings a different element to Jin. I've really enjoyed playing that.


But he can't say if Badass Jin will come back before the show goes away forever.

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