Danger Dolls Teaser Has All the Schoolgirls-With-Swords Action You Need

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Danger Dolls looks like this year's campiest Japanese exploitation movie, and we can't wait. Director Shusuke Kaneko (Death Note, Godzilla, Ghidora and Mothra) is bringing the sword-wielding schoolgirls and the evil cultists who want to blow up the world. Plus aliens! Update: Added full-length trailer!


Danger Dolls is premiering at Cannes soon, and here's the first description, via SciFiJapan:

DANGER DOLLS follows a quartet of cute idol singers who moonlight as butt-kicking action heroines. When extraterrestrial invaders threaten the safety of the Earth after an earthquake unleashes them from an alternate dimension, the Danger Dolls become humanity's only hope for survival. The team infiltrates the evil cult behind the invasion and must use their swords and their fists to smash the invading army. Starring popular karate heroine Rina Takeda (HIGH KICK GIRL, DEAD SUSHI) and new discovery Nana Seino (star of Sion Sono's upcoming TOKYO TRIBE), the film also features Rumi Hanai, Kayano and Noboru Kaneko (GODZILLA: TOKYO S.O.S.).


Update: Here's the full-length English trailer now:

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