At long last, a new season of the insane spies-vs-Hitler show Danger 5 has started airing in Australia. We brought you a sneak peek a month ago, but now the first four episodes are on YouTube in their entirety. Here's our favorite: a totally perfect (and yet nonsensical) spoof of 80s high-school movies.


Warning: This episode, and some of the others, are NSFW due to nudity, and might offend some people with their somewhat over-the-top body horror and weirdness.

So what did you just watch above? In "Johnny Hitler," der Fuhrer is still alive and kicking, in the 1980s. And he's gone to a high school in America, to track down one special girl who's important to his Nazi plans somehow. Hitler somehow manages to pass as a teenager — and so do all the members of Danger 5, who all go undercover at the school. It ends with a bizarre bloodbath, in which the floating head of Hitler comes through a wall and annihilates lots of people. Also, there's a shower scene with a shark in it. Basically... totally nuts.


The first episode, third episode and fourth episode are all on YouTube as well.

Update: Looks as though they were either pulled from YouTube, or are no longer viewable in the United States. Damn.

Update #2: Turns out that wasn't an official YouTube channel, as I'd mistakenly thought. But you can view them legally via SBS On Demand.

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