Danger 5, a new deranged spy show from the brains behind Italian Spiderman

If you've never seen faux-superhero exploitation flick Italian Spiderman, get your keister over to YouTube and watch that trash opus right now.


As for the rest of you, you'll be thrilled to know that the filmmakers at Dinosaur Worldwide will soon be bringing us Danger 5, a 1960s-inspired World War II espionage Youtube serial about the assassination of Hitler, Dino-Nazis, giant claws, swinging parties, and other unapologetic madness. The first episode hits the world Monday, November 21, at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. Hat tip to Blue Hinter!

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The whole time watching the trailer I kept thinking, "It would be so cool if this was a real show".

And then I read the article! Shit, I am so watching this. Tarantino could also make a mean film out of this.