Dancing in Zero Gravity to New Age Music Will Help Us Evolve

Today a 727 "Vomit Comet" lifted off from Las Vegas in order to film a scene of a woman dancing in zero gravity for an upcoming science fiction film called Stardance. Filmmaker Jeanne Robinson (choreographer and wife of scifi writer Spider Robinson) won the trip after showing this astonishingly bad preview video at the Heinlein Centennial earlier this year in Kansas City. It's a little bit John Tesh, and a little bit yoga. Here's the whoa: it's funded, and set to screen at an IMAX theater near you.

The movie would be based on Robinson's 1976 novella "Stardance," and the goal of the film is "to bring for the first time real null-gravity dance to film."

Plus, they're shooting it on large-format film stock, and they hope to screen it on IMAX screens across the glove. The storyline involves human being evolving into higher beings called homo caelestis, and part of that evolution involves dancing in zero gravity. According to the Stardance Project website:

The story follows astronaut Treya Anderson, a full time maintenance worker on a space station orbiting earth in the not too distant future. Both a dancer and an engineer, she chose science and space over a career in dance, but now, circumstances and opportunity will combine to allow her to merge her two passions into transcendent art with cosmic consequences.


Um. Maintenance workers in space who dance the human race into evolution? How on earth did this project get greenlit based on a trailer with new age music and cheesy Photoshop stills? The world may never know. But soon you'll get to see it — in glorious IMAX. We are strangely excited.

A Joyous Stardance for the New Year! [Biology In Science Fiction]

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Annalee Newitz

@Jackson West What? You don't like new age space ballet? What's wrong with you?