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Dance Practice Gets Very Witchy in This New Suspiria Clip

Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) mentally prepares.
Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) mentally prepares.
Image: Amazon Studios

When the idea of a Suspiria remake first entered the atmosphere, it sounded about as appealing as a mass of maggots dripping from the ceiling. (Watch the original!) But the trailers have been intriguing, and now we’ve got a freaky clip that shows us stars Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson in action.


Though Luca Guadagnino’s version will obviously take some major liberties with Dario Argento’s vivid, majestic horror classic—which it should; otherwise, why bother remaking it?—this new Suspiria will retain the basic idea of an esteemed dance company that’s long been concealing some very sinister secrets. In this scene, we see a rehearsal where Johnson’s character is directed by Swinton’s to “improvise freely.” And then...

Helena Markos, is that you? You haven’t aged a day!

Suspiria opens October 26 in New York and Los Angeles; everyone else will have to get their dance chills on after Halloween, when it expands to other cities November 2.


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The music from the get go in the original 1977 version of Suspiria was so perfect for the mood of the film. Reminded me of a combination of Mike Oldfield’s The Exorcist and Hanz Zimmer’s Interstellar. Sort of 70's Tangerine Dream stuff as well. I hope Trent Reznor from nine inch nails brings something equally dark and twisted to the soundtrack to immerse you into the movie the way the original did.