Dance Meets Motion Capture In This Otherworldly Performance

Artists Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips' Asphyxia is more than an experimental dance film; it's also one of the more creative uses of Xbox One Kinect's motion-data capture capabilities we've seen.


Much of the piece's power is due to dancer Shiho Tanaka's elegant grace, which somehow manages to transcend her body being transformed into a series of flickering lines and dots (the project's official page describes the choreography as stressing "the desire to be expressive without bounds"). But technology also plays a huge part:

Motion data was captured using inexpensive sensors and that data paved the way through an extensive number of steps. Once all the scanned point cloud data was combined, that was then used as the base for the creative development on the piece. A series of iterative studies on styles followed and several techniques and dynamic simulations were then applied using a number 3D tools for various results.

An environment was also built to integrate the character and allow for a more visually photo-real representation of the scenes.


View the artful making-of video here.

[Via This Is Colossal and Vimeo]

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Solitary Poet

From what I can tell, there appeared to be only two cameras capturing the data points. It creates an interesting, almost molded effect.