You remind me of the babe. You know, the babe with the power. I assume that's why I was inspired to round up some of the best fan art on the web inspired by Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy movie, and starring a young Jennifer Connelly, a perfectly cast David Bowie, and an intimidating bulge in Bowie's tights.

Top image: Nouveau Labyrinth by Janey-Jane.

Goblin Army Wave by MaximoVLorenzo.

By Aegils.

By Chocolatita.

By HollyTheTerrible.

Labyrinth: Hula by lily-fox.

By Meredith Dillman.

Labyrinth Karaoke by Pika la Cynique.

The Trophy by lily-fox.

By Bakarti.

By Brittan.

By Child of Neglect.

By froilyan.

By greyflea.

By Koolaid Girl.


By Jeff Stokely.

Ode to Labyrinth by Vandrell.