Dan Harmon's Dungeons & Dragons movie idea must be made

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The premise isn't too original, but the idea of casting Seth Rogen, Patton Oswalt and Will Ferrell is 100% wonderful.

In an interview with What's Trending at SWSX, Dan Harmon lobbed an idea for a Dungeons & Dragons movies that we would totally watch, specifically for the middle-aged comics doing battle with dragons with nothing but their tired backs to protect them.

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I like Community as much or more than the next guy, but:

I've loved D&D since around 1980. This exact description of a potential D&D movie is exactly the kind that would infuriate me and guarantee that I would never watch it. I think that that would be true of a large portion of the fan-base.

I'm sick to damn death of people taking franchises of all stripes that have a very staunch & beloved fan-base and making a movie with comedic hacks and saying "Look how stupid this is! We are totally not taking this seriously because only nerds and losers would actually like this." Mocking is not flattery.

I realise that Patton Oswalt (and possibly Harmon) is a true fan, but I would hope that he would enjoy and respect a movie more that was made to respect & enjoy D&D itself.