At least one original Ghostbuster will be showing up in Paul Feigā€™s new Ghostbusters flick. Dan Aykroyd tweeted that he was filming a cameo on the set of the new movie alongside Kristen Wiig. But does that necessarily mean Ray Stantz will be showing up?

Heā€™s deleted the tweet since then, but hereā€™s a jpg of it:


There are one of two ways this could go: 1) Aykroyd returns as Stantz, and maybe the new Ghostbusters are possibly licensing a franchise from the original team; 2) Aykroyd is making a random cameo as a random character, perhaps as a guy in a crowd scene, maybe a dude who hires the ā€˜Busters, or theoretically even be in some make-up as a ghost himself, as unlikely as that sounds. But Iā€™m betting itā€™ll be answer #1ā€”if the Ghostbusters let people to license the name to set up their own exorcism businesses, that allows for a multitude of Ghostbusters teams in the future, which (even though Channing Tatumā€™s movie seems to be off the table) Iā€™m sure Sony is still very much hoping to do.

That said, I would also accept a cameo where the new Ghostbusters finally bust the ghost that gave Stantz a blowjob in the original movie, and heā€™s sad about it.

[Indie Revolver via EW]

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