Damn Kids Joyriding Again in their Flying Cars

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Once we finally have flying cars, authorities are going to have a bitch of a time keeping people from doing what these two hotshot pilots are planning: scaring the ever-living shit out of a pleasure boater. Granted, these are minijets with funky wings and not flying cars, but it makes you think about what might start happening in the skies once anyone can just flit around.


We've taken a look at Scott Robertson's flying sea-pods before, and these minijets confirm that he's obsessed with cool personal transports, and water. In his original painting for this piece, the planes had pusher propellers mounted on the back, but in subsequent "drafts" he decided to change them to jet engines because people weren't able to tell which way the planes were flying. Robertson opened up a studio with Cloverfield monster designer Neville Page, right after graduating, and their collaboration continues to this day. Maybe they'll spawn a water-born tech-creature hybrid that'll terrorize pedestrians everywhere.


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I would hazard a guess that any mass-produced flying cars (leaving aside the previously mentioned and highly relevant issue of fuel prices) would likely be almost or entirely autonomously controlled. The issues faced by the cars in DARPA's Grand Challenge would be quite reduced by the ability to rise up over minor obstacles, and one would assume there wouldn't be much of a need (or desire) for tunnels or otherwise restrictive overhead situations that might block GPS signals. Whether that would mean zero control beyond giving the car a destination or only limited manual direction (circle hear, take the back route, etc...) the only way I can see to safely put large numbers of people in the air is to take the control out of their hands.