Damn if NBC's Constantine doesn't look exactly like John Constantine

Hey! I... I recognize that guy! That's John Constantine, noted magician/asshole! This firsty official photo of Matt Ryan as the titular character is some major proof that the NBC pilot is looking to stay close to the comic's roots.

For comparison:


Not bad, NBC — not bad at all. Casting John Constantine as a British guy who dresses like John Constantine? Pretty ballsy of you, and by "pretty ballsy" I mean "unusually competent." Unfortunately, producer David S. Goyer has said that Constantine's trademark chain-smoking may not make it to to the TV show, as networks are loathe to show such a disgusting, socially unacceptable practice. In unrelated news, Law & Order SVU once had an episode about a 12-year-old accused of raping and murdering a cancer patient. I don't think anyone smoked though, thank goodness!

Update: The first official photo is abive. The original behind-the-scenes photo, from the Slates for Sarah Facebook page, is this one:

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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