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Move over Cinderella, the Beauty and the Beast crew sings and dances. And thanks to actor Sir Ian McKellen (playing the anthropomorphized clock character Cogsworth), we have a full report from the first (and totally insane) table read.


McKellen took to twitter to write up a set report-type account of how the cast, crew and rest of the Beauty and the Beast collective faired at their first table read. But more importantly, Alan Menken and Tim Rice were both there, and that's fantastic. Why? Because this means the cast got together and basically had a classic Disney movie singalong to what is arguably one of the greatest Disney soundtracks on the planet (although The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" is the standalone best Disney solo). Also, Rice and Menken are allegedly adding new songs to the roster, so we have that to look forward to as well.

Here's the whole day from the point of view of Sir Ian McKellen.


Also here's an image of the cast from actor Josh Gad's Instagram account (he's playing the bumbling Gaston lackey Le Fou). Obviously we have a problem with this because casting Gad in another Disney movie is not canon.


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