Damien Has Been Cancelled Because Even Satan Can't Win 'Em All

Illustration for article titled iDamien/i Has Been Cancelled Because Even Satan Cant Win Em All

Damien, A&E’s sequel to The Omen, will not be back for another season. This news comes straight from creator and showrunner Glen Mazzara, who announced it via a series of tweets this afternoon:


He went on to thank the fans a few more times, as well as the show’s cast and crew, writers, and the network. Then, he offered a reason for the cancellation, too:


Though we were hopeful when the show was first announced, from its earliest episodes Damien had some fundamental problems—one being that it took itself way too seriously, especially in contrast to the similarly-themed but way-more-fun Lucifer. Let this be a precautionary tale for the also somber-looking Exorcist TV show, which is bringing its own brand of evil to the airwaves next season.


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Now we’ll never get to see the big game-changing mid-season finale in which Damien finds out that his birthmark is really 999 upside down.