Daft Punk hasn't had a good album in 12 years, but we still love them because we love science fiction

At least, that's the provocative argument over at Vice's Motherboard, where Brian Merchant argues that Daft Punk are better at creating a science-fictional mythos than they are at making great pop music.

Writes Merchant:

Daft Punk’s greatest trick wasn't pulling warped melodies out of vocoders. It was transforming two better-than-average French DJs into cheeky interstellar ravers. Not since David Bowie has a pop act re-appropriated sci-fi tropes to such mass delight. The kitchen sink sci-fi schtick was surely instrumental in paving the way for the rock kids to get into Daft Punk in the first place (that and James Murphy, before he lost his edge). It gave a generation of sexually frustrated teenagers and college kids, reared on an adolescent diet of Star Wars and Transformers, a big shiny entry point into the world of dance music.


Read the whole piece over at Motherboard.

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