D&D's Sundering campaign becomes a cold war in Icewind Dale

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The epic Dungeons & Dragons event The Sundering sunders on with a new in-store RPG campaign, a novel by Erin M. Evans, and the Arena of War app. Check out this icy new Sundering video trailer.

The Sundering is a massive event reshaping the Forgotten Realms. Most of it is unfolding in a multi-author novel series. The third book, The Adversary by Erin M. Evans will be released on Dec. 3. The tiefling Farideh is stuck in a Netherese prison camp, where she has to negotiate other-worldly politics while her sister races to free her.


There’s a new D&D encounters season starting up as well. This is an in-store weekly D&D session, with the new season, called Legacy of the Crystal Shard, starting this week on Nov. 19. Reflecting the neither-here-nor-there status of D&D at the moment, it can be played under 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, or the D&D Next playtest rules. You can also play at home by purchasing the adventure, which includes a DM screen and gazetteer for Icewind Dale. They’ve put together a pretty cool trailer for it:

Finally, there’s Arena of War, an iPad and Android “battle RPG” game. Frankly, I don’t really play mobile games, but if that’s your thing, it’s free.

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"This is an in-store weekly D&D session"


Does America have D&D stores? That sounds unfair if true, because I'm stuck in the UK with bugger all people left that are interested in the game...