Czech Mayor Promises New House to Family Plagued by Poltergeist

A truly caring municipal government will always help you out if you discover your house is haunted. At least, they will if you live in Strašice, a town in the Czech Republic. A family there has suddenly begun to experience paranormal phenomena: Fires are constantly starting throughout the house, and glass items keep cracking. According to the Prague Daily Monitor:

The Mracek family, living in the house, say they have to extinguish several small fires, up to 60 a day, of plastic bags, pictures as well as sockets though they have been disconnected from electricity supply. Moreover, window panes, electric bulbs and thermometers are cracking in the house and once water in the aquarium started boiling all of a sudden . . . "We are only waiting where it will start burning again. Our son has moved to his grandma, but we must stay here to be able to extinguish fires. It is our house, we built it ourselves and everything was all right for ten years. We cannot let it burn down," Hana Mrackova told the daily.

Apparently paranormal experts have been brought in, as well as a geophysicist and operators from the local Prague telecom and energy companies. But here's the good part. Though the family doesn't want to leave the house they built, the mayor of their town has promised they'll be given another place to live in a few weeks if the haunting continues:

Strašice Mayor Jiri Hahner is concerned about the paranormal phenomena in the house . . . "We do not want to fall for occultism. We will try to explain it in a scientific way. However it is hard as these phenomena are really unexplainable," Hahner [said]. If the situation does not improve within three weeks, the municipality will offer them another housing since it is dangerous to live in the house, he added.


If the weird events continue, he's contemplating having the house torn down.

Hey, I have ghosts in my shower who say they won't leave until the City of San Francisco remodels my bathroom. You hear that, Mayor Gavin Newsom? You think you're better than the mayor of Strašice or something?

via Prague Monitor (via Bonnie!)

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Well, if actual mysterious fires do take place in the house, it's pretty clearly not a safe place to live in, any supernatural explanations be damned. The whole thing sounds more like random bursts of electromagnetism, though it would be interesting to know what causes it.

I wonder if some scientist would be interested enough, and not put off by the paranormal babble to put some sensors in the place, and see if there's anything unusual in the place, or if it's just a pyromaniac's hoax. #ghosts