Cylons Just As Frakked As Ever, Says Producer

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Wondering whether Battlestar Galactica's Final Four Cylons are sleeper agents awaiting instructions to destroy humanity once and for all, or just confused and frakked up as they seem? Showrunner and producer Ron D. Moore has no problems telling you the answer to that question, as well as dropping a little spoiler or two, in the finally-appearing podcast commentaries to this season's episodes.


Talking about the Final Four, he says:

We came up with the idea for the Final Four at the end of the last season, and talked about revealing them and the first questions that were asked in the writers' room was, well, "Where do you go from here? How do you play them? Are they going to be sleeper agents, are they going to be working against us, are they totally different people?" And, in all truth, that was like the actors' biggest concern, every one of the actors in that room asked me "Am I playing something completely different now? I've been playing this, I've known this character and I've gotten inside this character's head and, do I have to change all that, am I somebody else?" And I said, no no no, and I never wanted to do that. The notion of discovering that these are the four Cylons was never to make them completely different people. It would now inform who they are. It would now give them a deeper understanding of who they are, but I really didn't have any interest in flipping a switch and having Saul Tigh becoming a completely different human being.


Also in the commentary to the first episode: Expect Kara's pure Viper to play an important part later in the season, and Caprica Six will have a "very interesting year". Also, Baltar? Not Jesus. "That's not what the show's about," apparently. Spoilsport.

Technical difficulties not withstanding, new commentaries appear to accompany each episode's transmission, and make fine commute listening each morning after.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Podcast [Sci]

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Hmm. That wasn't as spoilerific as I thought this post would be.

What did Ron actually say? They're not different, but they are?