From Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso comes an outlandish collection of both handmade objects and digital creations that he describes as "unlikely... but not impossible."

All images featured by permission of Giuseppe Colarusso

Each of the items featured in the series (an ongoing project that Colarusso has titled "Improbabilità," or "Improbability"), is improbable for a different reason. Some, like the monocular shades featured up top, aren't implausible on account of their design, but because their target demographic is itself rare or fantastical (though I suppose there is the question of how these specs would be supported on the wearer's face). Other objects, like this flaccid-handled cutlery, on the other hand, are in fact unusable, usually whimsically so.

Still more objects are self-defeating, self-obviating, ironic, absurd or just silly – but almost all of them will make you stop and think about their superfluity. This, Colarusso tells io9 via email, is the point. He says he likes to think of his work as "surreal still-life," and while he readily admits there's a lot of humor in his work, there's also "something serious [about the] paradoxes of modern times."


It's a wonderfully clever collection, and one we'll definitely revisit in the future. We've included a few of our favorite examples below, but you'll find a slew of them over on Colarusso's website and Facebook page.

[Giuseppe Colarusso via Laughing Squid]