Cycler Film Brings a Sex-Filled, Gender-Bending Jekyll and Hyde

Four days each month, Jill transforms. But instead of becoming a werewolf, she becomes a boy, with all that entails. Now Lauren McLaughlin's tale of gender identity, Cycler, is coming to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Angryfilms has optioned the Cycler series, which McLaughlin has already adapted as a screenplay, and is currently looking for a director. Cycler tells the story of Jill, an otherwise normal teenager who physically and mentally transforms into a boy named Jack for four days each month. For years, Jill and her parents have kept the secret of her mysterious transformations from the outside world, but one day Jack longs for a life beyond Jill's bedroom and escapes one day.


After the eroticized chastity of the Twilight films, Cylcer could bring us a young adult-targeted film that frankly explores sex and sexuality, not to mention a host of gender issues.

Angryfilms options 'Cycler' books [The Hollywood Reporter via /Film]

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