Cyborg Assassins Are Really, Really Good In Bed

He's an unstoppable cyborg killer, whose brain is in his stomach... but he's also a sex machine. In 1986's Assassin, a cyborg death-monger needs a place to recharge his batteries, and finds a little romance, in a surprisingly cute scene.

The little interlude in the middle of that clip involves Robert Conrad and his partner investigating the cyborg killing spree... which, whatever. But the subplot, about the cyborg and the woman who loves him, is actually surprisingly great. (In a bit of forced irony, in a later scene she tells the cyborg he's a wonderful man and laments that all the men she usually meets are "so plastic.")


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Did Robert Conrad dare the Cyborg to smack an Eveready off his shoulder?

How can a normal man compete with a cyborg for endurance? If that guy had multiple speed vibrating finger tips then he'd be unstoppable.