Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got cyborg animals, mega-piranhas, eco-skyscrapers, awesome treehouses, and much more!

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Tip: Artist Makes Machines of Dead Animals

Both BullfightsOnAcid and Griff tipped us with this insanely awesome article.
These cyborg-seeming pieces are the creation of New Zealand artist Lisa Black. According to Globo, the artist has always been passionate about taxidermy, seeking to create forms that seem alive. In recent years, however, she began substituting the animal's parts with machinery, like that which can be found in old watches.

View more images at Treehugger.

Tip: Eco Skyscrapers
EVolo has just unveiled its ten finalists, and each has a heavy slant towards the green side with eco design elements, mixed-use buildings and lots of green space. The architects and designers took a hard look at the world of tomorrow and created eco skyscrapers applicable for a changing future. One of them is pictured above, the rest are here!


Tip: 11 Amazing Treehouses from Around The World!


See the rest of them here! Thanks for the tip, Roklimber!

Tip: SyFy's Latest Insane Orignal Movie Yet
It's called Mega Piranha! Starring former pop star Tiffany, and featuring stellar dialogue such as, "The river? No way, it's a kill zone down there!", this movie is obviously going to be incredible. It's about mutant piranhas who somehow make their way from the Amazon to Florida and go on a killing spree. The movie's tagline: "They were created to save mankind. Something went wrong."
The movie premieres on April 10. Huge thanks to Roklimber for the heads up! Watch a clip and find out more about it here!


Tip: First (good) look at Jeff Bridges as Flynn in Tron Legacy!


Thanks, micah1_8!

Tips: Roklimber's Science Picks of the Week
Some items submitted by Roklimber:

9 Of The Weirdest Alien Landscapes On Earth

Hyenas' Laughter Signals Deciphered

What are 'mini' black holes?

Scientists Reverse Alzheimer's-Like Memory Loss in Fruit Flies

The Wireless Future of Medicine

Behavior of Single Protein Observed in Unprecedented Detail


Tip: Why We Need To Go Back To Mars

Tipped by Roklimber: If you ever doubted that we should study Mars more closely, you should watch this TED talk.

Tip: Nuit Blanche
BullfightsOnAcid tells us that Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. It's a really beautiful short movie.

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