A lonely nerd can't tell the difference between a psychopathic Russell Crowe and a chess-playing sex-bot, and that spells death for dozens of innocent people (including the sex-bot, who secretly longs to be murdered). There's probably a lesson in this clip — the most freaktastic scene from 1995's Virtuosity — but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe clues to its deeper meaning lurk in the way the VR programmer keeps talking about Clyde's "tumescence" while the weird computer voice calls out chess moves? Click through to watch another freaky Virtuosity moment.

Because Clyde downloads the Sadistic Intelligent and Dangerous (SID 6.7) module into a nano-tech android, SID is free to go around slaughtering people, and only Denzel Washington's incarcerated cop can stop him. (The SID module is programmed with the minds of 137 serial killers or something, and he's supposed to be used for police training in VR, but he goes berzerk, to almost nobody's surprise.) Crowe and Washington fight and fight and fight and fight and fight, and then finally Denzel tricks Russell back into virtual reality... where Russell makes Denzel fall through evil cityscapes and tons of bad 90s CGI, until finally Denzel falls headlong into Russell Crowe's cyber-mouth.