Cyber Ninjas and Slutty Catgirls Vie for Galactic Domination

Seven economic and religious factions are locked in a struggle to control exploitable planetary systems in Infinity, a sci-fi miniatures game packed with skirmish-level battles nearly 200 years in the future. The unit types include a little bit of everything: mutant animals, heavily armed mercenaries, miniskirted catgirl medics, mechanical armor and what appears to be a nun in a thong. You haven't lived until you've allowed Infinity to turn your kitchen table into a war for galactic hegemony aided by a few robots and a D20.

Last week we talked about five of our favorite sci-fi miniatures games, and Seth L was kind enough to point us to a game not on our list. Infinity, by Spanish publisher Corvus Belli, has been out for a few years and is steadily gaining fans among tabletop warlords. The miniatures tend to have a distinct anime feel, while the game's evolving backstory borrows a few elements from Battletech. The rules are based around D20 rolls and have several cool, innovative mechanics, such as the ability for certain units to "hack" the electronics of armored or robotic opponents, shutting them down. You can read through the quick start rules here, and there are tons of images of miniatures (which do not come prepainted) as well as the full rulebook in PDF at the official site.


And just in case you thought I was joking about the nun in a thong:

Photos by: Corvus Belli.

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