Cyber-Jekyll the Pickup Artist Wows a Stripper with His Cape

This extremely obscure straight-to-DVD flick called Jekyll has three things going for it: Jekyll is played by the Middleman (yay!); it shares the same name as a really awesome BBC miniseries called Jekyll; and it has an egregiously silly cyber-themed "transformation" scene when geeky Jekyll becomes a gothy, Abraham-Lincoln-style Hyde in a cape. With black fingernails. This scene, which is an abbreviated version of that transformation and its stripper-soaked aftermath, captures for you the exact reason why Matt Keeslar is glad he got work on The Middleman. [Jekyll via IMDB]

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Chip Skylark of Space

After a performance like that, he actually got another job? Wow, what a great agent he's got. I would have expected after this performance that he'd next be appearing in a Mal Worab (I'm sorry- Carter Stevens) porn feature.