CW's New Stargirl Trailer Has Superheroics With a Teen Drama Vibe

She’s Stargirl!
She’s Stargirl!
Image: CW
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The heroine with the glowing gold staff is ready for action. And also high school.


Recently, the CW dropped the newest trailer for Stargirl, featuring Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, a normal-ish teen who has to take up the mantle of Starman (Joel McHale), the world’s greatest hero, because she, mysteriously, has the power to wield his magic staff. She also has to deal with a new stepdad, who was Starman’s sidekick, as it turns out, and the stress of a new school, new friends, etc. It’s a lot to handle.

While still not precisely awing in its presentation or tone, this does seem pretty fun, though the degree to which the trailer starts like a stereotypical teen comedy movie is pretty striking. That is, y’know, until the superpowers show up. At least the CW has a good track record with teen drama, though there’s no hint of Riverdale’s zany melodrama here.

Stargirl, which has Geoff Johns as its showrunner, will be airing on the CW starting on Wednesday, May 13th, a day after it premieres digitally via DC Universe.

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People I want to show up on the show:

  • Jack Knight
  • Jack Knight
  • Also, Jack Knight

(This is why Batman is awesome, too.)