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Curiosity Rover's first year on Mars, distilled down to two minutes

Tuesday, August 6th will mark the one-year anniversary of Curiosity's epic arrival on the surface of Mars. To celebrate, here now is a rover's-eye-view of the Mars Science Laboratory's first twelve months on the Red Planet – full of scooping, drilling, laser-ing and plenty of driving.


Remember: Curiosity's mission on Mars is scheduled to last 668 Martian sols, a full Martian year. That's just shy of two Earth years, so the rover's got plenty of work left to do. In fact, it's yet to even reached its primary scientific target. Fortunately, Curiosity's got enough power to run for at least a decade. Barring mishap, NASA's one-ton laboratory-on-wheels has got a long future of Martian exploration ahead of it.

[JPL News]

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Matthew Firewater

I like to play this song when I watch it: